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Why MFA?

With the security concerns rapidly popping up all over the web, a simple password might not be enough to keep you protected while online. Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) is used as another layer of protection to your online accounts. But how does it work?  MFA works by requiring additional verification information. Three main categories for additional verification include knowledge, possession, and inherence. Most systems and services require at least 2 of these categories to properly secure your account. Below is a list of these categories and different methods…


Technology Onboarding & Offboarding

Are you currently using an Onboarding/Offboarding checklist as part of your new employment or termination procedure? These defined steps are very important to the business and the employee. Here are some reasons why:  Onboarding  A new employee understands that the first day of a new job is usually just a stack of paperwork and training. In fact, most people do not even get to perform the work they were hired to do on Day 1. It can be very discouraging for the new hire and may give a perplexed…


Email Security

In our connected world, the web is full of people trying to take advantage of unsuspecting users. Several years ago, you’d see emails requesting help from a banished prince so he can access his wealthy bank account and send you back a million dollars for your assistance, and it was a little easier to call their bluff. Now you don't even need to respond to a phishing attempt for them to start an attack on your computer. Phishers, people trying to attack your machine, can disguise themselves as your supervisor or a commonly used application…


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